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HUNU has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fakes. We’ll give you a full refund if an item you’ve purchased turns out to be inauthentic or was otherwise misrepresented in its listing.

Determining the authenticity of an item is not an exact science but there is a clear procedure to follow when finding out whether an item is the shizz or not-so-much; Specific features such as embossing, symmetry, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, as well as general workmanship and materials are inspected and determined to be consistent with the manufacturer’s established standards of quality. Manufacturer date codes and serial numbers are verified for consistency if they are applicable. Just to be sure, we also compare the item to on-hand authentic reference items. If we are even slightly concerned about the authenticity of an item, we get a hold of our contacts at designer boutiques for them to guarantee authenticity too.

We also make sure that the sellers of the goods know right away that HUNU are committed to the fight against fakes and the following terms are in the seller agreement for them to be aware of;

Zero-tolerance fraud policy

Any seller who has misrepresented an item to HUNU, or is in violation of any of the Terms of Use, determined at our discretion, may have their HUNU access revoked and related earnings withheld. We reserve the right to charge any payment source on file in order to recover any balance due to HUNU.  In extreme cases of fraud, there may be additional fines, fees, and/or legal action taken.”


In a nutshell, if it’s fake, you wont find it here!